Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The [ Lash ] Industry

Eyelash extensions have come a long from when they first became popular in the early 2000's they were created to extend the length and curl of the natural eyelashes. The extensions were thin and came in tiny pots, the stylist would take out a few sizes depending on the natural eyelash lengths, place on a towel and pick up by hand, one extension at a time and affix with a tweezer and thick, slow-drying black glue onto each natural eyelash. All of this would take FOREVER and not to mention it was just for lengthening, not volume so it would look very whispy. 

The industry needed that fuller look. Lash companies began producing thick extensions to create a fuller-looking lash line. They could be heavy and if improperly applied, unhealthy for the natural eyelashes and would be uncomfortable for the client. At this time, eyelash manufacturers were producing the individual extensions in a strip to place the different lengths on a lash palette for easier tweezer pick up and quicker application. Stylists needed to apply multi-dimension according to the natural lash pattern for proper weight balance.

Several years ago, a lash artist in Russia came up with a unique way to create a fuller lash line by handcrafting multiple, lightweight thin extensions into a soft fan. Also known as "Russian Volume" this technique created a lash bouquet that would be applied to each individual natural eyelash to expand fullness and fill gaps for added volume. This innovative and specialized technique changed the lash industry forever. This multi-faceted look became widely known as volume eyelash extensions. This look can only be achieved with very fine weightless extensions and not to be created with classic, thicker extensions for proper application.

Eyelash extensions are meant to enhance the natural eyelashes length, volume, and curl. All eyes are unique in shapes and sizes, and some can have a minimal amount of lashes or a lot, straight or curly, coarse or fine. All looks are based on natural eyelash support. We advise consulting with your licensed stylist and follow their recommendation. There may be a set expectation by the client but a stylist can only apply what the natural eyelashes will allow. Every "look" is customized and will look different on each person. 

We now have a variety of options to choose from based on natural eyelash support. The "Classic" one-to-one application creates lengthening. The blended "Hybrid" of the classic lengthening and volume fullness. The "Volume" technique is the most popular to create a soft, full and healthy look. Any level of volume can be achieved. One may choose natural-looking volume with smaller lash bouquets to create a slightly fuller look. Or, for those who prefer not too little or too much a medium volume look can be worn. For those who love bold, that look can be achieved for naturally strong eyelashes. 

Every person has different lash growth cycles and needs depending on their body, health, and lifestyle. There are 3 different cycles of growth. The anagen is the beginning stages of the hair in it's most fragile state. The catagen is the strongest stage in medium growth and the telogen is the mature stage and longest state preparing to shed for the new growth. We naturally lose 2-4 eyelashes per day. The key to extending the life of the extensions is proper at-home care and hygiene. Avoid oil, sweat or cosmetic build-up. Always wash hands before touching the eyes. Foam wash eyes at the end of every day will aid in health and longevity.

The stylist will accommodate needs based on natural eyelash support and will maintain professionalism to not compromise the integrity of their work and the health of the natural eyelashes. The application of eyelash extensions requires hours of dedication and patience to perfect this specialized skillIf a specific look is demanded outside of the stylist's professional recommendation, this can cause a stressful situation that may require the refusal of service if needed. Please be respectful of operations and arrive on-time for the services, the stylist will have a dedicated time allotted for proper application.  

Our industry has grown over the years to help those that are tired of applying eye makeup every day. Eyelash extensions have given us the confidence to have a beautiful natural look and feel that lasts for weeks. We praise these talented artists that have a true passion for their craft by continuing their education and keeping up with new and inventive trends. Most importantly providing healthy applications and professional service to their clients. Thank you to our clients for their love of lashes, you have empowered us to keep moving forward and providing our skills and services.

-Amber S. 

BLOOM owner